The microSENSES laboratory belongs to the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of University os West Attica. It was established to host research activities in the general field of microsystems, sensors and embedded devices.
The laboratory mainly focuses in the following research fields:
  • Development of microsystems
  • Fabrication and evaluation of integrated thermal sensors
  • Development of integrated accelerometers
  • Development of new microsystem technologies
  • Development of integrated bio-sensors and bio-systems
  • Microsystems modeling and simulation
  • Microfluidic devices – Applications to health and biology
  • Flexible substrate technologies – Development and evaluation of microstructures
  • Embedded systems – microcontrollers
  • Electronic sensor interfacing
  • Sensor networks
Laboratory objectives:
  • To enhance research in the general field of Microsystems, Microfluidics and Embedded devices
  • To develop innovative technologies in microfluidics and flexible electronics sectors.
  • To build-up an internationally competitive research Laboratory.
  • To provide a challenging work environment, where people contribute to common objectives while responding to individual needs and aspirations.