The activities of the microSENSES Lab cover the general field of microsystems, sensors, microfluidics and embedded devices.

The laboratory facilities include:

  • 3D Micropatterning and prototyping system (Colinbus Laboflex Pro 30/HF)
  • Electrical characterization equipment:
  • Source – Meter (Keithley 2612)
  • Multimeters (Keithley 2000), equipped with multi-channel card (2000scan)
  • Triple Output Power Supply (Agilent Technologies E3631A)
  • Arbitrary Function Generator (Tektronix AFG3000)
  • LabVIEW graphical programming environment for measurement automation
  • 3D Video Microscope, with YSC Image Pro Ultra Software for digital video-image processing and measurement. (YSC Technologies 3D-VZ8)
  • Stereoscope
  • High precision x-y motorized stages with integrated motor and controller System
  • Complete microfluidic characterization kit (microchannels, generic microfluidic platforms, microvalves, micropumps etc)
  • Syringe Pump (Chemyx Fusion 200)
  • USB Digital Pressure & Temperature Transducer (Spectre Sensors 9510U)
  • Microcontroller development tools (AVR STK600)
  • Various Atmel AVR-series microcontrollers (ATmega2560, ATXMEGA128 etc)

The Laboratory